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From the Desk of Jani Z.

Atlantic City, NJ

Dear Internet Marketer:

Before we get started ... Let me give you a peek at what I have done to skyrocket my online and offline income.

Using an easy step by step method developed by the man responsible for the biggest network of sex toy sites on the planet you can receive weekly or monthly checks like the ones below.

More on that in a minute ... first, look at some of the cancelled checks below that people just like you have deposited into their bank accounts.

"Sex Toys - Out of the Shadows and Into the Mainstream... The Perfect Internet Business"

Marketing genius J.F. "Jim" Straw talks about the amazing amount of cash generated through drop shipping and affiliate marketing:

"If I had to do it all over; knowing what I know now, I would be a drop ship dealer or affiliate.

I would make less money on each sale - but - without the obligations inherent in my own products, I would be able to spend more time selling more of someone else's products.

"Time" is the qualifying factor."

(if by chance you have no idea what J.F. "Jim" Straw has accomplished in his 50 plus years of marketing ... do a Google search and read up on this genius marketer)

The sex toy companies boast that more than 70% of their business comes from affiliates who promote the site for commissions. You make cash when somebody buys a product.

Your time to discover the secrets of making cash with sex toys ... time to chop down some money in the lucrative "Sex Toy Niche."


"Sex Toys Enjoy Mainstream Status"


You, dressed in a trench coat, go skulking inside a dimly lit, seedy looking store looking for sex toys.

You walk sheepishly up to the counter; eyes glued to the floor you ask the burly looking clerk (with tattoos on both arms and neck which really scares you) if he carries any vibrators.

The clerk looks around, chuckles and says, "Would you enjoy a small, or would you love for me to super-size that?"

"Give me the regular," you mumble, and hand him a $50 bill.

He places the vibrator inside a lame-ass brown paper bag; you collect your change and uncomfortably head for the door.

Things operate differently now ...

I Know It's Not Easy For You To Start
Making Money Online

READ THIS, IT'S IMPORTANT: What if I told you a way to make piles of cash ...

...And you don't need your own products or website. But I'm jumping ahead, let me tell you how this all came about ...

I want to share my 10+ years of experience in the sex toy field. You are reading information compiled from my own, sometimes-expensive experience in selling sex toys and developing my own products.

Some of it I learned through trial and error, while other parts of it by asking the right questions to the right person. After discovering the dirty secrets about sex toys, you have the confidence and the knowledge needed to make insane cash.

Realize that almost no one will admit to owning a sex toy (never mind using one :-), yet millions sell every year. But first you have to ...

... Cut Through All the Crap

Let's face it, most of the web sites out there that provide "how to make money information" are crap.

Most of them follow the same format - "give me your money, then ask someone else to give you money" - so round and round it goes, the moochers leading the scroungers.

Most of these people selling this stuff have never owned a real business - never mind teaching you how to set-up and operate a profitable enterprise.

Did I just say "business"?

There is a solution. You want to make some extra money online yet you feel like your mind is flapping like a flag in a stiff breeze with where to turn or what to get involved with.

There are times when an idea pops into your mind and you get all exited about the prospect of earning money online, but soon that thought or idea wanes because there is no way to get it going so you move on to something else.

You have to say to yourself, "I'm not sitting here just to waste my time with these ideas - I want to make some cash. I'm here to focus my mind and efforts on the task at hand."

What about you? Before you go any further, relax you mind for a few seconds, take some deep breaths and release all your tension.

News Flash
Home Sex Toy Party Sales
Eclipse Tupperware Party Sales

If you want to build a business, it all starts with real products - not with a make believe "get rich quick system." Sex toy parties have quickly become the latest phenomenon to sweep North America.

The leading Sex Toy Party companies are featured on TV - Primetime LIVE, Good Morning America, The View, Montel Williams, Oprah, Tyra Banks, Star Jones and others.

Magazines such as Time, O: The Oprah Magazine, Essence, Women's Health, Men's Health, Allure and many others have also covered this hot new Sex Toy Party trend.

Print and radio coverage comes almost daily - You can't buy publicity like this. Why? Because sex toy parties are the modern means for male and female sexual expression ... but best of all, a great way for you to make some extra cash ... this is where I come in ... You'll make the bulk of the money ... Not the Sex Toy Companies

    I'll show you ...

  • How to start as an affiliate

  • The best affiliate companies

  • How to start without investing any money

  • How to start a Sex Toy Party business

  • How to make cash online or offline

  • How to supplement your income

  • Progress you business into a full-time operation

  • Make as much as you want

It's not difficult, and it doesn't take a lot of time, you don't have to have a lot of money you just need to know how.

"Generate Cash as a Sex Toy Affiliate"

Sex toys sell with style and grace. A customer never has to leave the comfort of his or her home, never has to talk to anybody, never has to look anyone in the eye.

Packages arrive as if by magic at the doorway - always wrapped neatly and discreetly. You have no need for inventory, shipping or tracking (other than commissions earned) ever.

You send clicks with your affiliate tag to the site, the customer orders and pays through the site and the item(s) ship from the warehouse. You reap the commission for sending customers.

Reorders harvest additional commissions the same way. Say a customer came through your site and ordered $100 worth of sex toys (by the way, a typical purchase is $90 ... your commission ... $30 ... not bad eh ... ).

You obtain your initial commission, but the kick-ass money starts when that customer comes back later to order again, you bank-in a commission for doing nothing.

"Cold Hard Cash as a Sex Toy Drop shipper"

Discover how to find cash via Drop Shipping (with over 30,000 products to choose from) by putting products up for auction on EBay, through your website or better yet offline.

By working with a Sex Toy drop ship vendor, you will NOT need to acquire large quantities of wholesale products. Therefore, you will not need to warehouse products and you will never have the time arresting task of packaging and shipping products.

You simply submit the order to your drop shipper and they take care of everything else.

"How Much Money Does Drop shipping Generate?"

With over 30,000 products to choose from including lingerie, every conceivable sex toy product (some make you blush), gay, straight (and everything in between), DVDs, novelties, video on demand, webcams and all the way to Viagra and Cialis it's almost impossible to NOT to make cash.

Imagine putting up just a handful of EBay auctions listing your drop ship products. You collect the money, place the order and BINGO - cash in the bank.

Your percentage? About 50% - not bad for listing an auction.

Many items retail for $100 or more.

"Snatch the Cash ... Time For You To Get On Board"

You need to grab a piece of the booming, multi-billion-dollar trade in sex toys and videos.

Let's chalk it up to an enlightened liberation or maybe the decline of Western civilization as we know it, but the nation's sex industry has come out of the shadows and into the mainstream.

What's causing all this growth - the business, caught in the same trends driving the rest of the world's enterprise: the rise of the Internet and the growing appeal of high-end specialty products.

From Maine to Florida and across the country, the sex toy party business took its place alongside and sometimes displacing the Tupperware party. Time for YOU to get on board.

"Your Three Part Guide to Sex Toy Cash"

Thousands of people earn 25K + per month (some work, but do-able).

Thousands earn $100 per day - That's 3K per month (EASILY VERY DO-ABLE)

Insider secrets that the extremely successful super affiliates use to collect a ridiculous monthly recurring income.

Discover the ropes to bring in your first $100.

Easy, step-by-step directions to fast cash.

Uncover what to promote, when to promote and how to promote--what's successful and what's not.

Avoid the common mistakes to eliminate setbacks.

Don't get cheated out of your commissions.

Guarantee your success by choosing the right program.

What programs to use for optimum results

Strategies that you can't help but make cash.

And, much, much more.

A SIZZLING HOT interview with SexToyDave in MP3 format.

While doing research for my book "Sex Toys Sell: The Quick and Easy Way to Make Cash in the Perfect Internet Business ---- Sex Toys", I had a chance to meet with and interview SexToyMansionDave at Internext in Las Vegas. BTW, Internext is a Sex Trade Show that happens twice a years - January in Las Vegas and Florida in August.

STDave has sold millions of sex toys since 1995 and now the owner of the largest network of sites on the Internet selling adult products.

In the interview I asked STDave to dish out some tips and tricks for up and coming adult toy Webmasters.

Plus as an added bonus absolutely free ... download ... "Traffic Tricks"

Over 50 pages to bring you an avalanche of traffic.

Get indexed by Google almost instantly

How to optimize your web site

New to social bookmarking? ... tons of free traffic today.

How to create viral linking campaigns.

Get started with traffic exchanges.

The secrets to article marketing.

How to start viral email campaigns

How to get traffic from popular forums.

And tons more ... all free.



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In other words, you risk absolutely nothing by purchasing today. We don't want any reason for not purchasing now.


Originally posted by buddhabux on

Hi Jani,

Just downloaded your product and skimmed through the pdf... I like it very much, you have definitely delivered.

Warriors are always wanting reviews, so to anybody out there that wants to get into this market but has been burned or scammed, dont worry about this one, it is a solid, informative, very helpful product as described...

I think anybody with basic affiliate marketing skills can run with this information and start making some good money monthly with it online (including yours truly :- ).

thanks alot for a great product Jani, much success to you!

best and highest regards, David


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"Sex Toys Sell"

"SexToyDave Interview on MP3"

Plus ... "Traffic Tricks"

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